Service Tips

  Winter Storage:  When storing your bikes/ATV's/scooters away for the winter, you may want to know a few things...

1. Make sure you get a battery tender to keep the charge in your battery over the winter.  Keeping a constant charge will keep your battery alive during the winter.

2. Add fuel stabilizer.  fill the tank with fresh fuel, add the fuel stabilizer/enzyme treatment to keep the gas fresh during storage.  If you vehicle will be stored for more than 4 months, shut off the fuel petcock and drain the carburetors and fuel lines.

3. Service all fluids.  If your brake of clutch fluids haven't been changed in the last two years, do it before you store it.  Contact us by e-mail,, or (508)778-7211 to get the proper amount and type of fluid.

4. Make sure its covered.  There are special covers that keep moisture from getting in and rusting your vehicle.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (508) 778-7211.